Codexia, Meet Team Labs.

Codexia, Meet Team Labs.

April 15, 2019

Some of you may have noticed - everything Codexia has become Team Labs. No, we haven't been hacked. We've rebranded to this new identity - and some huge changes are underway.

I know that words like "rebranding" can feel heavy, so I'm here to break down, in simple terms, what we're doing and what is actually changing. An in-depth blog post by our CTO Yoon Jin explains what is going to change amongst our products.

The Beginnings.

Our little start-up has a pretty wacky origin story as far as start-ups go. Codexia was started by a bunch of students who were too bored to study, so they built some apps for iOS. A particular app they built grew a cult-like following, and helped the rag-tag team crowdfund their business. With this capital, they pivoted.

Just over 5 years later, Codexia was building products that teams were relying on around the world. We grew from a team of 5 remote developers to a VC-backed company with over 7 offices around the globe. We've always stuck to our original values of disrupting with simplicity, constantly innovating and never giving up - and our brand identity stayed true to these values.


That said, our old branding didn't come without its problems. Our company was founded without a branding strategy and no cohesive visual identity led to some headaches - the inconsistency made our designers go crazy (literally), and our marketing team couldn't define a clear message for the company brand. If you're in Design or Marketing, you'll know that those things are BIG problems.

Our brand palette, each color representing a product.

The Future of Work.

We wanted to create a brand that projected confidence and innovation, underpinned by simplicity. That's how we came up with our new name - Team shows our commitment to creating experiences for collaboration and teamwork, while Labs displays the innovation and the "always creating something exciting" aspect. We stuck to the principles of simplicity with our logo.

Simplicity lies at the core of our products. Our logo shows this.

Product Changes.

Our product line was probably the biggest change - we have streamlined our offerings from 9 really diverse products to just 4 core ones that focus on helping teams work smarter and faster. These products are:

  • Xenon gives teams the power to build software faster through a cloud-based platform which lets them collaborate, design, develop and ship their code.
  • Carbon empowers creators to create anything freely and edit photos, slice up videos, create their own music and design 3D models on the cloud with ease.
  • Argon reimagines project management and lets teams collaborate seamlessly and focus on the big picture.
  • Silicon brings team-work to team-chat through intelligent and useful features that rethink the way we work.

Refining our products gave us a chance to understand what our customers really wanted from us - so we did a comprehensive survey. Not surprisingly, our clients wanted software that could improve their ability to work.

Through our rebrand and product reshuffle, we aim to achieve this and exceed expectations for all our customers. With our 4 core apps, we want to make Team Labs the only collaboration software modern teams need.

With our core ethos and the spirit of our old brand in mind, we have forged this exciting new identity for our company. To our customers that have stuck with us through thick and thin, we want to thank you for being a part of our journey that letting us be a part of yours. This is just the beginning for our new brand.

  1. Abdul Kareen
    Abdul Kareen
    April 16, 2019
    Congrats on the rebrand. Love the new name and look. I look forward to seeing it continue to be implemented throughout the products.

    Our team loves Silicon!
  2. Naota Yamauchi
    Naota Yamauchi
    April 15, 2019
    I liked the old brand, but this looks exciting. I’m a little sad to see the old name go though!
    1. Park Soo Bin
      Park Soo Bin
      April 15, 2019
      Thank you, Yamauchi! We're feeling a bit nostalgic too 😢
  3. William Wang
    William Wang
    April 15, 2019
    As a developer, I love the website! Simple, clean, modern. Branding is very exciting - looking forward to more updates in Xenon!
  4. Prakash
    April 15, 2019
    Cool!! I love the new brand colors.

    Congratulation for the rebrand.

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