The New Hub For Teamwork.

The New Hub For Teamwork.

May 10, 2020

We've always envisioned Workspace as the epicenter for teamwork and collaboration. With today's release, we're one step closer to making that vision a reality.

What's New 🎉

We've completely revamped the Workspace Dashboard. It's now called My Workspace! Instead of staying as a launcher for your Workspace apps, it now serves as a hub for your projects. You can access your files (even from other places like Dropbox), see your projects, and collaborate with your team.

This blog post is just a taste of what's packed in this update. To explore the app in-depth, take the onboarding tutorial and we'll show you around your new Workspace.

A dashboard you can tailor to your needs.
My Workspace 🏠

My Workspace is a space that you can use to create anything; add widgets for integrations like Airtable or Google Docs, use a notepad to take down important information, monitor a chat in Silicon to reply quickly—the possibilities are limitless.

We'll be constantly adding new rich content widgets that simplify processes and help you gain insight with a single glance. We aim to add 2 a week, one for an integration and one for a Workspace app or feature.

All your projects and tasks in one place.
Projects, Files, Actions 🚀

Projects: where all your ongoing tasks and projects will live. Shared projects, team projects, or organization-wide projects; everything's here. You can even add your own files and projects from external tools like Jira or Box.

All Files: keep track of all your files and documents here. Sync your files from a cloud storage provider like Drive or Dropbox and organize them within your Workspace.

Collaborate: seamlessly open Silicon (that's our team chat app) and collaborate with your team. If your team doesn't use Silicon, this can redirect to other apps like Slack or be turned off.

Actions: an experimental new productivity feature that presents a combined timeline with all the tasks and projects you've been pinged on (for example, a code review), and anything else that is due within two days (this can be adjusted too).

Play favorites and work faster.
Quick Access with Favorites ✨

Creating new shortcuts is as easy as dragging and dropping. Add your important files, folders, or features (this can include nearly anything, like a shortcut to open Xenon Code or to edit a 3D model in Carbon Model) and access them with a single click.

There's a lot more included, including a redesigned Workspace Cloud app for team administrators, dark mode and theme support for every app, new enterprise features like SAML authentication, and much more. This update is free and available to everyone.

For the individuals and teams on the waiting list to try Workspace, we're working on new ways to onboard as many new people as we can in the midst of a huge surge of demand. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any help getting set up.