Native Apps Are Here

Native Apps Are Here

April 12, 2020

Despite our endearing love for the lightweight web versions of the Workspace apps, we're bringing the most requested change (by-far) out today. Native apps are here, and they're looking good.

What's New πŸŽ‰

Today, we'll be releasing the public beta for the four Xenon apps; the other Workspace apps have their own desktop variants in the works too. This beta is available to all paid customers, with a complete release on the horizon in mid-2020. Read on for the new features and deets.

Lightweight and Optimized πŸš€

Workspace is built to be snappy and lightweight on any device. The native apps are no exception. The apps are not hybrid apps, but fully native MacOS and Windows applications, offering speed coupled with relatively-low disk usage (because all your files are still online).

We're also working to integrate an offline mode that will allow for the caching of projects on your machine so you can work offline. This feature will be introduced in the final release!

Workspace is integrated right into the File menu.
Seamless Experience 🌏

Integration and collaboration lies at the very core of Workspace. With the native apps, we're bringing the same level of communication and clarity to your machines. Shared Project Workspaces are directly accessible from the File menu (Statusbar on Mac and File option on Windows).

Real-time collaboration, guest edits, and shared links to projects and files will work as usual. You can choose whether to open links in the native app via your preferences (My Workspace > Settings > Sharing).

Dark Mode, Themes, and More ✨

Fret not, fellow dark mode enthusiasts β€” your favorite customization options are here to stay with the native apps. Dark Mode will remain on if you have it toggled on the Workspace Web platform. Themes and keyboard shortcuts also work perfectly with the native apps. We're also adding support for CheatSheet, a little MacOS app that lets you see all the shortcuts. Check CheatSheet out here.

We're working hard to bring new improvements and updates to the platform, we're gearing up to launch Silicon in the coming months. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any help getting set up.