Teams For Change

We want to make a difference in your community. Take advantage of our products to benefit your cause and community.


Every team wants to change the world.

Every team has a purpose—be it making a new product, researching a science or helping people in tough spots. We believe in the power of teams, and that real change can be achieved through the amazing work done by those same teams across the world.

We're offering non-profits unlimited access to all our products at no cost.

Teamwork for good.

We build software that lets people work together to a goal - we want organizations working for the good of our society to harness the power of our products too.

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Who can apply?

Registered Charities

Charities with valid registrations and designations (and without corporate affiliations) are welcome.

Educational Organizations
Education Organizations

Organizations worldwide dedicated to educating children or adults are welcome to apply.

People Doing Good
Anyone Doing Good

It doesn't matter what you're doing - apply and we'll definitely consider your application.

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