Scalable pricing for all teams, small and large.

$ 0
Per user, per month Get Basic
$ 29
Per user, per month Coming Soon
Teams XL
$ 49
Per user, per month Coming Soon
Users Per team 1 - 5 1 - 99 1 - 999
Storage Per user 10 GB 1 TB 5 TB
Guest Passes Per use per month 1 100 Unlimited
Build Minutes Per use per month 50 1,000 2,000
Code Quality Tests Per use per month 100 1,000 Unlimited
Workspace Cloud Roles and Teams Features
Private Repos
Design Library
Dedicated Support

Every plan comes with a 15-day free trial, no credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Team Labs platform is completely free for teams with up to 5 users with access to all four apps and much more.

Projects you create in Team Labs (things like UI mockups with Draw or web apps with Code) require media content and files to be shared. These files are uploaded to the platform and only use the cloud storage of the user uploading them. Cloud storage cannot be shared with other users in your team or organization.

Build minutes are used in Deploy Pipelines. A build minute is one minute of machine time used to run a build. They cannot be shared with other users in your organization.

Guest passes give people outside your team access to Draw designs, Code projects, or Check reports. They can be used in a variety of cases; teams can give executives temporary access to view progress on a project, design can invite marketing to explore prototypes, and more.

Guest passes users do not need to have a subscription to Team Labs.

Absolutely. You can try any plan for free for 15 days. Your card will never be charged in this period.

Yes! Ensure that you're an administrator and open the Cloud Dashboard and head to Billing > Change Plan. Please make sure you do not have more users in your team than the plan permits, or the change will not occur.

Code quality tests are performed on pull and merge requests to help your team better understand your code. They cannot be shared with other users in your organization.

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