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What is the Closed Beta?

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As Workspace grows into a robust collaborative platform for thousands of teams around the globe, we have temporarily limited onboarding and new sign-ups to companies that are using our product in their teams.

Our vision with Workspace and its companion apps is extraordinary. Merging every function of the team in one place, tightly integrating third-party apps into a cohesive ecosystem — we are aiming to build a really ambitious product that has the potential to reshape how teams interact.

To ensure that we get things right and work on a scale that we are comfortable with, we have instituted a temporary 'closed beta' policy for all current and future releases. This means that users will need to be part of an organization that is already using Workspace or conducting a demo trial for the platform, in order to access the apps. This will change once the platform becomes publicly available.

When will the Closed Beta end?

Mid-to-late 2021. We are working hard to end this phase earlier, but the gravity of what we are building grounds our efforts at times. If you, or your team, are interested in giving Workspace a try, reach out to us via email or Twitter and we'll be happy to work something out.

What is a Super Secret Code?

Screenshot showing signup process for Workspace

Onboarding screen shown if you don't click the link in your email.

The 'Super Secret Code' is simply an invitation code that is unique to every user. It is sent out by your organization's administrator. Contact them for your code to onboard onto our platform.


As the product is constantly evolving, we have temporarily closed sign-ups to certain teams. We are moving back to a public sign-up process sometime in 2021.

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