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What are Super Secret Codes?

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While signing up for Workspace, you may be required to enter your 'Super Secret Code' in order to complete your onboarding and begin using the platform. Read on to learn more.

Right now, Workspace in a closed signup period. This means that we are currently focused onboarding users at companies that are using our platform in their teams. As we continue to ship new features and build out the product, we will gradually move to a public sign-up model in the future.

This 'Super Secret Code' is simply an invitation code that is unique to every user. As the platform is not currently open for public signups, we require that new users use their own code or invite link to join. This will change once the platform becomes publically available.

How do I get a Super Secret Code?

If your company or team uses Workspace, your administrator will send you an invite email with the code attached (pictured above); clicking the link leads you to a page to create your account and there is no need to enter your code.

Screenshot showing signup process for Workspace

Onboarding screen shown if you don't click the link in your email.

If you choose to create your account via the website instead (rather than using the link provided in your email), you will need to copy the code sent to your email and paste it in the box to validate your invitation.


This code is required to complete your signup for the platform. You can signup if you have the code, which is sent by an administrator at your organization.

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