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Roles are essentially platform-wide set of permissions assigned to individual users or a group of users. These rules can be fine-tuned for individuals despite their role too.

For instance, one can create a role called 'UX Designer' then assign everyone with this role to only be able to use Xenon Draw, Carbon apps, and include 10GB storage for their files.

By default, yes. However, we've included license management with Workspace Cloud to give teams more control over their users and licenses for apps.

Admins can now revoke and issue licenses to users. Revoked licenses are paused (not spent for the reminder of their term) until reissued to a user.

No. Guest Passes have quotas for most plans, and therefore are locked for each user. Admins, however, may purchase extra Guest Passes for a user or organization as a whole (subject to additional charges).

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