The Ultimate Team Tool Box That Scales As You Do. πŸ¦„

Workspace empowers seamless collaboration for teams of every size.


A space for every team.

Workspace is a powerful suite of 4 apps that services the core of any team.

Build your product, create rich content, plan projects, and collaborate β€” all in one place.

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Built From Scratch To Enable Communication.

Organization-Wide Collaboration πŸ’¬

Workspace apps are designed to facilitate frictionless, transparent collaboration. There are hundreds of features and design choices that accomplish this, but two of our favorite are Roles (not just ordinary groupings) and Realtime (realtime collaboration but in everything) ✨.

Look at your projects just like you'd look at your files in your Box dashboard. Add widgets to Your Workspace to monitor important chats or KPIs. Sync your Dropbox account and access your files in context. The sky's the limit in Your Workspace. ☁

A huge part of Workspace is the simplicity. You can completely customize every menu, enable or disable features, and rename menus to something familiar.

If you're a newbie, use apps in Simple Mode. If you're a pro, harness every feature with Power Mode. Everything is configurable with a flip of a switch.

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The New Hub For Teamwork Has Landed. πŸš€

Workspace is the epicenter of collaboration.

My Workspace is where you access your projects and files, build a dashboard to track the things you care about, and much more.

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Simplified Billing, Clear Pricing.

Enjoy clear tier-based pricing that makes sense. Consumables like Build Minutes are pay-as-you-go so you only pay for what you use.

Access powerful management tools that make administrating and payments a breeze.

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Build A Modular Workflow.

Workspace is modular, which means you can swap out any app with one you love or build an integration easily.

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