Scalable, Flexible Administration.

Workspace Cloud enables simple and centralized team management and billing. 🌏

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A Governance Tool For Workspace.


Onboard users, create separate teams, and effectiely manage the entire organization.

Security Criteria

Security Tools

Expand security layers, create granular permissions, assign roles, and much more.

Consolidated Billing

Simple Billing

Consolidate billing, add new licenses and add-ons, and see your invoices with ease.


Supercharged Management.

Workspace Cloud is a free management tool that enables effective administration of your team. Deploy updates, manage security policies, and more with Cloud.

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Enterprise-Grade Security.

Create new security policies, add a third-party identity provider like OneLogin, manage APIs and more. Cloud ensures you stay compliant with your corporate policies.


Custom Update Packages.

Pick and choose feature updates for teams, deploy updates to specific users, send download packages (native apps only) and more with Cloud Updater.

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Actionable Insights.

Gather productivity data and generate insights to build smarter workflows and processes. Understand your data by team and app to analyze the areas for improvement.

Enable Scalable, Flexible Administration. It's Free.
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