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Code Review, Automated.

Xenon Check provides automated code quality reviews and auto-debugging so you can focus on what matters.

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Check and Debug Code,
Right In Your Browser. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Xenon Check automates code quality review for test coverage and intelligently debugs code for all supported languages.



Check enables you to test for eveything you need.

Analyze Anywhere

Analyze Anywhere.

Check tests can be deployed from any IDE you love.

Language Support

20+ Languages.

Check supports over 20 languages with every test natively.


Debug and review your code with every pull request.

Understand your technical debt with concise, 5-point assessments, and squash minor bugs and errors in your code at the same time.

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Test for everything.

Get a concise report on every metric you want.

  • QR Quality Review
  • Test Coverage Test Coverage
  • Others Many More


Get your automated report where you want it.

Check delivers your report right to your dashboard or anywhere else, like Slack or email. You'll get a snapshot of the report with the link to learn more.

Win the fight against technical debt.

Make Changes

Write your code and create a pull request.

Get Check Report

Receive the report within 30 seconds.

Ship Better Code

Understand and fix issues to ship better code.

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