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Xenon offers flexible subscriptions for teams large and small.

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Per user, per month Get Basic
$ 49
Per user, per month Get Teams
Teams XL
$ 99
Per user, per month Get Teams XL
Users On per team basis 1 - 10 11 - 49 50 - 100
Storage On per user basis 10 GB 500 GB 3 TB
Guest Passes On a per user, monthly basis 5 50 100
Build Minutes On a per user, monthly basis 30 500 1,000
Code Quality Tests On a per user, daily basis 25 1,000 Unlimited
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“The only platform that works perfectly with many of our existing workflows.”

Marcus Price
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Caroline Wu
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Craig Schluter
Marketing, Lyft

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Xenon is completely free for teams with up to 10 users, be it designers, developers or both.

Xenon Draw and Code projects may require media and other files to be uploaded that require space. Cloud storage cannot be shared with other users in your team or organization.

Build minutes are used in Xenon Deploy Pipelines. A build minute is one minute of machine time used to run a Pipelines build. They cannot be shared with other users in your organization.

Guest passes give non-account holders editing access to Xenon Draw projects and Xenon Code projects for upto 5 days. They can be used to give executives temporary access to view progress, etc. Guest pass users do not need to have a subscription to Xenon.

Absolutely! Every Xenon plan is FREE for 15 days, so you can experiment with the various plans as much as you'd like. Your card will never be charged in this period.

Yes. Just head to Settings > Billing > Change Plan. Please make sure you do not have more than the new plan's upper limit for users, or the change will not occur.

Code quality tests are Xenon Check tests performed on pull/merge requests. They cannot be shared with other users in your organization.

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