Code Review, Automated.

Check automates code quality reviews and debugs your work so you can focus on building.

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Deliver Clean Code. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Automate code quality assessments for test coverage, security flaws, and maintainability to save time and improve the code you ship.



Check scans and details the issues in your code everytime you create a pull request.

Worflow Support

Workflow Support

Check is fully configurable according to your workflow with your favorite IDE.

Language Support

10+ Languages

Check's Smart Debug feature supports automated bug resolution for 12 languages.


Debug and review your code with every pull request.

Understand your technical debt and squash bugs with Check's automated code quality assessment and debugger.


Check for everything.

Analyze your pull requests for every metric you track.

  • QR Quality Review
  • Test Coverage Test Coverage
  • Others Many More


Get your automated report where you want it.

Check can deliver your analysis reports to your dashboard, Telegram, Slack, email and other apps that you love. You'll get a snapshot of the report with a link to learn more.

Win the fight against technical debt in 3 steps.

Create Pull Request

Write the code for your project.

Analyze Automatically

Receive your report within 30s.

Ship Better Code

Understand and fix the issues to deploy faster.

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